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Audi RS6 with an LS and dual rear mount turbo's AWD.

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I just signed up and love it already.

I am located in Detroit, MI, the Motor City, but I am originally from the UK.

My car (that I am currently working one, I have several others) is a 2003 Audi RS6 called Judas. It is AWD and has a heavily built LS with dual rear mount turbos.

The last motor failed, on the Dyno, and it made 800AWHP & 800Tq at 15psi of boost. New motor is a smaller capacity but very high end build designed for 30psi+ of boost. I just got it started and am breaking it in, then onto the Dyno. Target is 1000/1000 on 93 pump gas, then switch to race gas and see what it can do.

This car has a lot of history. I am making a series of videos about it. https://youtu.be/UNlx5Hq0n7I this is episode 1 of 5 so far.

Nice to meet you all

Haydn (H)

Very cool project

Wow that's some feat. Watched the clips and well done mate.

Sounds epic!!