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Hello from Trinidad&Tobago

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hello to everyone,

My name is Christopher and I live in Trinidad. I've been a "petrol head" all my life and always had an interest in cars and racing.

I also have an avid interest in actually driving the cars and I am regular dexterity/auto-cross driver here in Trinidad with my 2004 Suzuki Ignis Sport. I have also recently started kart racing in the Rotax International class.

My aim is to one day become a professional tuner in my country and hopefully make a successful career from this just like Andre has.

I hope to do this with HPA's help as well as feedback from fellow tuners on this forum.

I plan on completing all the courses first then tackling a complete tuning job on my personal car where hopefully I can perfect the art before tuning for other people.

I look forward to sharing ideas and gaining new information from you all.


Welcome to the forum Christopher,

Have you used any engine management before?

Unfortunately no I have not. From what andre has told me in the general tuning thread the e manage may not be the best option to learn however

Andre is right, you'll end up wasting a lot of time and money, time and money that could be better spent on a real system.

I'm sure you'll get your answers on the other sections of the forum, all you need do is ask