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Hello, J here and I’m coming from the carburetor world

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Hi Friends,

i finally crossed over to EFI. I’ve been doing carburetor stuff for years and tinkering with wiring.

i don’t know anything but I’m a quick study and always looking to learn new things related to anything interesting.

i’m a Red Seal Journeyman Welder, Red Seal Journeyman Fabricator and a Welding inspector (purchaser) by trade. (Any questions, DM me and i’ll Do my best to help you out in a pinch)

I’m building a 12 Civic Si and after farting around with KTuner for what felt like forever, I decided to join. I hope the wealth of knowledge and comradeship keeps me here...but most importantly it gives me something new that I don’t already know.

Thanks in advance


FYI, yes I tow a boat with that b*tch

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Hey J,

Welcome tot he wonderful world of EFI. You will never look back haha.

I am sure you will find plenty of useful information in the forum and courses.