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Jz's and Haltech ecu's

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Hello Everyone,

I am a newcomer to HPA but have been a long time fan of Andre's videos on Youtube. I am based in Las Vegas and have self-taught my way through operating Haltechs software. Below are a few of my play toys;

1997 Nissan 240SX, built 1.5JZ, GTX3582R, ID1750X, G Force GSR dogbox, Haltech Elite 2500 - This car is insane

2003 Nissan 350Z, built 2JZ, GTX3582R, ID1750X, CD009 trans (will upgrade to a sequential once completed), Haltech Elite 2500- Still in the build process

2013 Subaru STI, Full rally build currently underway, stock motor with Cobb access port- Hopeful completion date mid-April

2004 Lexus IS300, 2JZGE, Garrett turbo, 550CC injectors, Haltech Elite 2000- Recent dead cylinder, getting GTE internals

1993 Nissan 240SX, S13 SR20, GTX2860, ID1050X, Audi coils, CD009, Haltech Sport 2000- Practice car

Because of this insane bug, I have to modify cars over the last 10 years I decided it might be wise of me to learn to tune them as well. I had a great deal fall into my lap and bought a new MD-500 portable dyno a few months ago. The current plan is to open up a shop renting out dyno time until I am proficient enough to start offering tuning services on the side.

Hi Matthew,

Welcome to HPA.

That's some collection of work you're putting together, you wouldn't mind sharing a few photos of them in a build thread, would you?

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