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New apprentice from the Netherlands.

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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My name is Melch van Leeuwen.

Im 29 years of age. I live in the Netherlands.

My knoledge and interests lies within Japan car manufactures, my experience lies with Honda engines and rotary's.

Personal car history:

A Bunch of Civic's off all makes and years.

Famwagons: Mazda 6 ,Honda Cr-v.

And the crotch rocket: Mazda fd3s with a 20b single snail, which i am still in the proces of building.

As this car is getting closer on coming together now, i am up on the nexst task of my journey which is understanding all around ems tuning.

Therfore my journey has brought me here..... And i am curious to learn about it.

Might put on a build thread for you lads if one desires.

I own a honda civic si and i try to satisfy her as much as can if i have something in my bank account but i really recommend the courses here i just finished understanding afr and efi fundamentals course.

Hi Melch Van Leeuwen,

Welcome to HPA. There's a fair few rotary owner coming on board just now, would you mind putting together a little build thread to let everyone see what you've done with yours?

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