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C127 Input Question

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Hey guys,

I'm working on planning out a full MoTeC conversion on my project car and had a question on an input into the C127. Pin 4 and 5 are AV3 and 4. I'd like to use one of these as a controller button to activate when a ground signal is received. I see I can set "Controller Button 1" and then on the Calibration I can choose 0V for activate and keep let's say the default on 2.001V inactive.

Will this work the way I'm thinking?


You would want to activate at something just above 0V (say 0.5V) so that if it doesn't go exactly to 0V, it still works.

Is there a switchable pull-up resistor in the C127 so that it would always see a higher voltage as the inactive and I can set the active to 1V, so that when the switch to ground is active it will see that change in voltage and therefore engage this input?

The AV inputs do not have an internal pull-up resistor (of course you can add an external resistor - try 4 - 10k ohms). The Analog Temp, Digitial and Speed Inputs do, so those are typically used for switch to ground buttons.

The MoTeC Dash Manager has really useful help. If you look in the help under "Input Characteristics", you will find the details for each of the input types.

Awesome, thanks the reply and pointer on digging into the Dash Manager help.

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