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Charge cooling gain and secondary injection

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Will I need to separately calibrate the Charge Cooling Gain table for the secondary injectors? Or should it just be an exact copy of the table for the primary injectors?

Both primary and secondary spray the same fuel but the secondary injectors are mounted further up the intake runner. I'm sure the answer will be to simple check using the tuning procedure for the charge cooling gain.

Also, I'm running flex fuel and I need to do this at multiple points. Is charge cooling gain typically a linear table?


Yes, they need to be separately tuned. Once I get the primary dialed in I copy it over to the secondary tables, but I make sure to adjust accordingly. Don't forget that you will have to calibrate the secondary injector timing as well.

From what I remember, charge gain is not linear as fuel content changes.

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