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Effect of traction control on closed loop fuel control.

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When the traction control is active and limiting rpm due to wheel speed differentials is the closed loop fuel control automatically ignored? I would think that the air fuels would not be correct due to the active limiter thus causing the closed loop fuel to try and correct one way or the other.

The main point of this question is that Im trying to get some higher boost pull data on the street for the VE map and I need to use the traction control in order to keep the car from spinning the tires. Im assuming that when the traction control is active all the air fuel data is useless.


I'm actually not sure of the closed loop operation here but you're right - When there is any active cut, the exhaust lambda is effectively useless as it will read lean. I'll ask BlackRex to confirm the operation however if you log and view the Fuel Closed Loop B1/B2 Trim channels in your log file then you'll be able to see what the closed loop control is doing when your traction control is active.


When the TC goes active, the CL fuelling State is set to Transient, and it uses the Trim Average value for the period that the cut is active, once the cut is finished, it then resumes normal operation.

The "Q" function will take this into account when being used in the VE table.

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