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GM / Continental Flex Sensor 13577429 calibration

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Is there a different calibration available for the GM / Continental Flex Sensor 13577429 versus the only default drop down option 1357 7379.1.1

Hi Aaron,

Are you having an issue with the calibration?

it is the same calibration file for both from what I have read

@Stephen - no issues that I can tell, but wanted to confirm as the menu help says that the 1357 7379 calibration is for that sensor only and I figured I wasn’t the only one running the newer / smaller 1357 7429.

@Ross - I vaguely recalled that but couldn’t find anything definitive when searching.

Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

Hi Aaron,

The sensors themselves are the same, the different part numbers are for the long or short arms. When the calibration was done, we flowed fuel through ten of the sensors (5 of each) that had been connected in series, and used an average of the reported data to build the calibration. This was done at different blends of Ethanol content.

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