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How to listen for Knock during setup while using wideband sensors wired to M150

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Apologies if this has been answered; I've searched but haven't found what is probably a basic question.

What isn't clear to me is the use of a Plex type knock detection system in combination with the M150. I think I would want to visualize knock through the M150 and listen to knock through something like the Plex.

If this is correct, does the Plex and M150 share the same bosch wideband sensors that I will leave on the car for M150 knock detection?

If they use the same sensor, how does the audio detection "piggyback" off of the sensor?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Aaron, conventionally we use something like the Plex knock monitor as a standalone product to validate the knock control in the ECU. I don't actually know how well piggy backing the sensor would work - It's just not something that I've ever attempted.

Thanks Andre... so when you setup an M150 would you calibrate your base tune utilizing the Plex so you can see and hear knock, then hook up the sensors to the M150 to calibrate it’s knock detection?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Yes this is what I usually do when tuning knock control. I start by hooking up my knock device and fully tune the engine. At that stage, the knock detection inside the M1 is turned off since Im using the sensor with my detection device. Once Im happy with the results, I go ahead and calibrate all the settings inside the M1 to get everything up and working.

In the end, I will verify that the system is working like it should, by screwing in another knock sensor not too far away from the one connected to the M1, and will choose an area where it is ''safe'' to introduce a little bit of knock to see if the M1 detects it.

You should see your knock level going above your threshold and in the same time hear it with your detection device. Thats when I know the system is operating like it should.

Let me know if that helps, and please use this carefully.

Thank you... and caution understood :)

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