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knock gain values

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is there a method without using knock detection equipment how to set your knock gain values in order to differentiate between normal engine noise and actual knock? what values are a good place to start? I believe the sensitivity of the sensor is pretty noisy at 100%. I have an understanding that I would adjust these values based on cylinder location in reference to knock sensor. i doubled the knock frequency i calculated in order to find which frequency was best at detecting and displaying each cylinders knock. i found that 6600hz was too noisy and doubling the frequency to 13200 hz gave much better resolution. thank you for the help in advance.

I personally start with the gains set at 100 on all cylinders and then adjust the gains until my normal background noise level under no-knock operation is relatively equal across each cylinder. It's quite common to find for instance that the knock signal received from cylinders further away from the knock sensor is a little lower so I tend to reduce the gains slightly on the cylinders with a higher background noise level. the aim here is to ensure that the knock system is calibrated so that knock can be accurately detected on any cylinder. If you don't go through this procedure it would mean that you'd need to artificially lift your knock threshold to ensure the cylinders with the higher noise level weren't triggering knock events. this would leave you with a wider margin on the cylinders with lower noise levels and some knock may occur that is below the knock threshold and hence is missed/overlooked.

I always confirm the knock control system is functioning correctly by utilising audio knock detection equipment, but in saying that you'll normally see quite sharp spikes in the noise trace that indicate knock so it is typically quite obvious. On my M1 installs to date I've always found that I've ended up using the second order knock frequency to achieve a good signal to noise ratio.


in wibenar ,what is knock essential knowlege you explained how to calculate the hercase. The number pi is clear, the diameter of the cylinder is also, but the multiplication with 1800. I do not understand why 1800?

As a beginner, which makes my device better, plex knock or link knock?

The value 1800 is simply a constant. The Plex knock monitor is a very sophisticated product that does a great job. It is however quite expensive so is better suited to the professional tuner. The Link Knock Block is a much simpler product with no digital display and no ability to change the audio filtering. Both do a great job of detecting knock so I'd suggest you choose the product that suits your budget best.

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