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M1 GPRP Paddle shift

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Blip does not activate ( engine does not rev no matter what values are used and all diag channels are ok even throttle request is ok dbw just sits at idle position)

The GPRP .pdf from Motec is a bit vague on how Paddle shift algorithm works. Does the pre and post shift ign cut from cut table override the match cut? In all gprp .pkg examplea cut is 100% in this table. Wouldnt this prevent blip from activating?

Ps. Doeas anyone have a proper GPRP training seminar .pdf?

i am trying to find if is a firmware bug

Best regards


Do you have the gear ratios setup correctly? The Firmware can only determine the rev-match if it knows the gear ratios. Can you add the Gear Shift channels to the logging setup?, and capture a log where you are requesting downshifts and there is no blip.

What does your Gear Shift Throttle Aim Main table look like?

What is the value of Gear Shift Throttle Aim Blip Duration?

Do you have a good Vehicle Speed?

I think the most useful info about how the Gear Shift works is the help for "Gear Shift State". I refer to that constantly. The graphics in that help section, shows when the Throttle Aim is active (Pre-Shift and Shift) and then only until Engine Speed Limit is reached or Blip Duration expires.

The help as David said is extremely helpful in working everything out (see attached for the downshift graph)

If engine speed match is on, this can terminate the blip if the engine speed limit is reached during the gear shift. If you log the engine speed limit you can check this quite easily. You need to make sure your ratios and gear estimate is correct, and as David said your vehicle speed is reading correctly. Sometimes a bad wheel speed signal can cause incorrect reading here, or depending on settings if the final drive ratio is not set correctly, things are calculated incorrectly.

The Throttle aim minimum duration and the throttle aim hold values should also be checked at set accordingly.

If you are on V1.110041 or earlier, there is a bug where the throttle aim state would not always follow the gear shift correctly if you had anti lag active, which was rectified in the latest release 99 firmware.

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Many thanks for answering!

I use a custom .pkg because of can structure and some extra functions and is based on

I use level 3 loging at max recomended rate for each chanell in gear worksheet ( most are 200hz and above). All 4 wheel speed, gearbox speed and gps overlap under 0.2-0.5km/h. Funny thing i see all timers and even.blip request ( i use about 60% , and should be enough as i have reference from 2 other cars with almost identical engine spec one on link and one on a m130 ). What i find confusingnor redundant is that the cut from ign cut from main tabe seems to overide the cut from speed limiting which makes speed limiting redundant if cut is 100% already used( will probably hinder the accel of engine). Why would you need speed limiting if aleardy the torque is cut 100%? This routine bothers me as it would make setup easy if there was a description on how algoritm.uses those 2 separate cuts as in attachment you posted ( if 100% is always neede for presift to reverse dog engagemt, and then accel and make basicaly a upshift why do we need a table: should be hard coded to 100 and that is it, if speed limiti g is needed and thi calculates torque reduction the cut main is redundant)

I use max allowable blip.plus extra hold plus actuator delay and i belive routine does not initiate as throtlle senaor and main dont report the blip but all diagnostics are ok.

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You are killing us without a log. Look at it -- the answer is in there. Good Luck!

sorry guys , late answer as i have retryed just about anything possible and blip does not take place eve if aim is there

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Mr. Nathan Butler, you were right . Is ALS bug, even if disbled from rotary on off position was hindering blip. If ai completely disable ALS will work.

So what did the channel "Throttle Aim State" in your log show?

Hey Dave,

In firmware with this bug, the Throttle Aim State will chop and change between "gear shift" and "anti lag" (sometimes "pedal"). As Throttle aim would often be anti lag when the downshift was requested, there were conditions sometimes met where it would priorities anti lag throttle aim over gear shift.

In a lot of instances, people won't notice this issue, as anti lag can be pretty good at unloading dogs all on its own.

It can occur in GPRP firmware V1.11.0041, and depending on partner packages (such as Claudiu's) it can be present, and often harder to track. This was one item that was rectified in Official GPRP firmware in V1.11.0099

Ps. Mr. Ferguson the Throttle Aim state did not move from pedal, guess was my mistake.i did not uderstand what it meant.

Since you were looking for a firmware bug, and you have your own custom firmware, then if the Throttle Aim State didn't change from Pedal, then I would suggest looking at the code in Throttle.Aim.Calculation If there were a Pedal fault, that would explain that behavior.

But you have the data to figure out the logic. Will be interested in the real solution.


For now ALS system.is disabled, we will have to wait for motec to check the firmware and see what will be re writen. Will post again as soon as we have a answer.

MoTeC official release firmware is rectified. You will need to reach out to RNT/Powertune to have the bug resolved in your firmware.

Mr Butler i already did , wait for responce now. Many thanks again !

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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