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M1 - Transitent Fueling enrichment

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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After tuning the VE and ignition maps, what is the best course/order to chase transient improvements under acceleration based on the 3 options below?

Assuming each case you want closed loop fuel disabled except itself.

- Fuel film

- Closed loop fuel

- Engine Efficiency throttle Compensation and Inlet Manifold Pressure Estimate (This first table is an additive trim of Efficiency Main. It allows a plus or minus trim based on Engine Speed and Throttle Position to adjust for volumetric efficiency changes caused by throttle blade position that are not accurately reflected by the Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor. )

Also, how much swing in lambda is considered acceptable during shifts, etc.?

Hi Douglas i would be staring at the bottom tps and map tuning of the accel fuel the required amount of fuel is enough to stop hesitation and maintain a near command fuel as possible its is a balancing act

keep i n mind if you have hard suspension not to make it to sensitive to tps of the bumps in the road will set it off

Regards Ross

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