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M150 toyota 86 HB relay open fault

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I am using plug in harness from motec for my auto 2013 Toypta 86.

I am using v5 packages firmware

Everytime i am turn on the AC.. it gives me fault on the F3 which is HB relay open fault.

Sometimes the ac clutch stay off for long time than back on and then work normal.

Sometimes ac works fine

But the HB relay fault is always there. Wether the ac clutch work fine or not.

Is this something i should not worry or something i should take care.

I don't recall ever having the HB relay open fault however there is some occaional weirdness around the AC operation. We now have removed AC from both our cars so it's a little hard to recall the exact issues I faced. Problems like this should be taken up with MoTeC support directly or the dealer you purchased from.

Ok thanks Andre.. i will talk with motec again.

motec did not even think its worth to fix my problem i think

i know dean and nathan has working so much for my trans shift problem

but yet up untill now my m150 is not installed due this problem

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