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Looking for some help on incorporating some FSAE regulations into the GPRP package. I need to utilize M1build to configure the package to have control over the fuel pump under certain implausibility's such as DBW and brake encoder faults. Any help or first steps in using M1build for this process would be a great help!

MoTeC USA has a dedicated support system for assisting FSAE teams with support with MoTeC products. You should reach out to them.

I would first make sure you have a source project for GPRP and can build and install that on your ECU. Make sure it runs the engine.

Next, I would look at the Fuel Pump Object, and particularly any scheduled function like "update" that is responsible for turning on / off the fuel pump.

Consider adding a new object (Group) called "FSAE Safety", and add a channel in this grounp like "Shutdown Request". Create a scheduled function to set the Shutdown Request variable depending on your required conditions (hint, consider using various existing diagnostic channels for DBW, many of which are more restrictive than your FSAE requirements).

Then modify the Fuel Pump update function to use this Shutdown Request to keep the fuel pump off. You can put parameters and status varaibles under your FSAE Safety group (and even create a worksheet in M1 Tune) to allow control of this function, enable / disable, etc.

That is just one approach you might take.

Good Luck,

Jacob if you haven't reached out to Motec USA yet, they're quite generous with FSAE teams and may even have some drop in code for this.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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