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MoTeC M1 Engine Charge Cooling Modell

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I'm in the process of setting up the M1 Charge Cooling Model. I'm not sure if this was introduced just recently because I have not found any information in the net or on the HPA M1 ECU course.

From my understanding, the Engine Charge Cooling Correction Factor Table works exactly like the LINK G4+ ECU's Charge Estimation Table if both Time constants are set to zero. I'm quite familiar with the Link solution, so i thought its not a big deal to calibrate the "same" table on the M1.

I already found on Link, if i setup the table, that Lambda values are stable when Coolant Temp stays constant but Inlet Air Temp rise a lot, the engine runs too rich during cold start (IAT= constant, Coolant Temp rise). If I apply such a tuned Link Table from a similar engine on the M1 Engine Charge Cooling Correction Factor Table, the engine seems to run even richer during cold start.

Consequently, I tried to tune the Engine Charge Cooling Correction Factor Table to hold Lambda values stable when IAT= constant and Coolant rises from 50deg to 105deg. Luckily the car has a big V-mount setup with PWM controlled Waterpump and I can cool Radiator and Intercooler separate.

Well with the now for coolant variations correct tuned Engine Charge Cooling Correction Factor Table, i have the problem that the fuel model removes to much fuel when IAT rises (Coolant = constant, IAT= rising 30-80deg). Now the funny part, there is no simple IAT correction table in M1. The Inlet Air Temp Sensor Trim table axis are Engine runing time vs IAT. This table could be used for example for hot restart. But from my experience especially on idle, there must be a bigger amount of fuel added at 80deg IAT, than on WOT. This could not be done on this table.

Well, let's check the last few available tables. I turned on Manifold Temperature Mode. This applies basically an offset to the IAT measurement. In theory, I could add a big offset at idle and reduce it as load increase. But this seams to be very tricky to tune, because the Charge Temperatur is now calculated from Inlet Manifold Temperature (which is modified by Inlet Manifold Temp Modell) and Charge Temperature Modell. I see the theory behind, but without additional Thermocouple sensor and days on the dyno, it seems quite difficult to get the whole Modell right. A simple IAT correction table with TP vs RPM would make the calibration so much easier.

Long story short, does anyone have some advice how to set up the Engine Charge Temperature Modell on M1 ECU? I would like to see a webinar and content added to the M1 course.

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Engine warm up AFR control has a lot more to do with the vaporization properties of ethanol than its cooling effect on the charge air. When the engine is cold the ethanol doesn't vaporize as well, and then when the engine warms up the ethanol boils and vaporizes.

Charge cooling effect compensation is much more for a warm engine.

Hi Arghx7 have you checked the photo i have attached. It seems older firmware packages had only the charge cooling gain table. This is quite simple to tune. Things I'm talking about is the much more sophisticated fuel charge and inlet temp manifold model.

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