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MoTeC M150 to ECU Master PMU16 CAN controls

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi, I'm doing a fresh re-wire of my Radical SR8 with a MoTeC M150 and a PMU16. I'd like to use CAN for all integration from the ECU to PMU (12v power for coils, injectors, and compressor), plus use it for switches (main power, coolant pump, fuel pump, up/down shift, etc.)

I'm using an AiM dash (I thought this would be more of a challenge if I used 3 different vendors, lol).

I think the weak link here is the M150. Can it be programmed to allow it to talk directly with the ECU Master PMU16 via CAN? In both directions?

Many thanks!


I've got my hands on the ECU Master PMU Motex .canx file, and it shows entries for c_Driver_Switch_1 .. 8, plus PDM_Byte_x_Mask_0y. If Driver_Switch is an input to M1, and PDM_Byte is an output, it seems I have what I need.


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