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OBD2 output?

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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This is sort of an odd question but would it be possible for the M1 to output the OBD2 can protocol? The reason I ask is because the dyno I have access too can read the engine rpm ect via an obd2 connection.

Bob W

The GPA/GPR packages do not provide ODB2 support.

If the dyno could be configured to read CAN ID 0x640, then the RPM is 16 bits starting at offset 0.

OBD is too slow for use in any environment other than the emissions testing process that it was designed for. I would not trust an engine speed value that updates at maybe 10hz, and potentially a lot slower depending on the number of requested channels. I cringe when I see people using OBD in cars to drive shift lights and other engine speed related functions, due to the inconsistency of the data stream.

The only time that I would use an OBD engine speed channel into a dyno would be to setup the gear ratio's, and potentially some steady state tuning at low loads.

Hi BlackRex

I disagree because i often connect Link ECUs to my dyno. Of course i don't need it to control anything. But things like have target Lamba overlay with dyno lamba is quite usefull and speed up tuning (if ther is no wideband on the car).

For exact data analysis I use the ECU software.

CAN outputs are much faster than legislated generic scan tool PIDs for stock ECUs.

CAN outputs are much faster than legislated generic scan tool PIDs for stock ECUs.

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