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Opening a log in I2 Pro by double clicking an LD file

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Hi guys,

Before some updates, when I double clicked an LD file from a clients folder, I2 pro would open with the log open. Now, i2 pro opens, but the log is not open so I need to open the log, once the program is open. I'm always trying to make my system more efficient since I open a ton of logs. Does anyone know how to make this happen? Thanks

On my computer (Macbook Pro running Bootcamp, Windows 7 64bit), with I2 Pro v1.1.5.85 and I2 Standard v1.1.5.86. When I double-click a .LD file, I2 Standard opens with the log file. Perhaps the problem is your log file doesn't have Pro Analysis enabled.

What "Updates" did you do? (new OS? Install I2 Pro on a new computer? OS Software Update, new I2 version?) Best bug reports start with what OS and Software versions you are using.

Do you have "Load Previous Workspace" on Startup ticked under Tools->Options..->General tab?

This really seems like a question for MoTeC support, or at least their user forum found here: https://www.motec.com.au/forum/

Hi David, I'm also using a MBP, and it used to work. I have an I2P license but it stopped working when I installed i2 standard, which I removed but the problem remained. I did tell it via windows to open i2p by default, no luck there. I also talked to MoTeC support and they'd prefer I open it via the MoTeC log browser which I do in some cases, but in other cases my way is more efficient for multiple cars on track etc...

MoTeC support was able to get I2 Pro opening when double clicking a log, but not the log opening within the program, which is where I got stuck.

I do have "load previous workspace" selected.

Thanks for your feedback.

Drag and drop works as a "next best" option.

Hi Martin,

The typical workflow for opening LD files in any instance of i2 is to first open the program and use the open log files explorer dialog to browse to the directory where the file is stored.

This may seem a little backwards but it actually makes a lot more sense when you consider how i2 interacts with the files.

All of the details contained within the LD are presented centre pane of the window. When you view an LD file in Windows file explorer none of the details are visible and the name of the file isn't particularly meaningful as it only contains a date and the serial number of the device.

i2 can also be configured to manage a database of LD files which can be filtered by parameters so you don't have to navigate to the location of the file.

Hi @OMS,

I understand that is the intended use but using I2 Pro Everyday and on track (with multiple .LD files coming in via email), I find downloading the file from the client email, dragging it to the appropriate client folder, and double clicking to open was so incredibly useful and efficient, and still showed me all that you mention, while sorting the files in windows explorer by client and event.

It was so nice when it worked and stopped working only when I visited MoTeC and did the I2 class where I2 standard was installed. I hope that makes sense and suggestions are appreciated! Thanks for looking.

If you're there in person, and you're pulling logs off a dash configured for that day's event so they go right into each nested folder you desire, the standard method others have suggested is fine.

I agree with Martin though, if you're supporting multiple vehicles, sometimes operating in different locations, any of them are remote so you aren't downloading logs right into the folder you want, and you like to keep things organized in folders, the standard method is clumsy and inefficient in my opinion. It's great for later when you want to compare several logs from a given track, perhaps for driver development, so you browse to it in i2 pro and open several files.

When time is critical, for example when remotely supporting a rally car that's in a 45 minute service and it takes 5 minutes to upload the log because they have poor cell service, I personally download the log from email/google drive to my downloads folder, drag and drop it into i2 pro, complete my review, make my ECU changes, get the update to the customer, then place the log file in the appropriate file folder to keep things organized.

Exactly. When you do thousands of clicks for 20 years... every click matters. I did not know the luxury of clicking an LD file and having it open would disappear with the installation of I2 standard, or I would have never done it!

If you guys figure out a way to double click an .LD file and get it to open, please share, and enjoy the functionality. It does not detract in any way from the intended methods; those all still function if you choose to browse and compare logs that way.

Have you made sure that windows "Choose default app by file type" has i2 Pro selected for .ld and .ldx files? This can be found in Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps, look for the "Choose default app by file type" link near the bottom of the window contents.

Yes David I did. Interestingly, when I double click an LD file, I2 pro does open, it just doesn't open the log, which was..... oh-so-nice. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone haha!

Thanks for thinking about it for me.

I'm using Windows 10 and I just re-installed I2 Pro (I2 Standard also installed). It was previously starting I2 Standard, but now starts I2 Pro (and opens log file) when I double click a .LD file (with Pro Analysis enabled). If I use a .LD file with standard logging, I get your behavior, I2 Pro opens, but no file is open.

Now if I2 Pro is already open, it tries to start a new instance, and I get the dialog that the workspace is already open.

What settings do you have in Tools->Options...->Analysis ?

BTW Dragging a .LD file onto a shortcut to I2 Pro, or the I2 Pro icon in the task bar does not work for me.

David, sorry I could have been more clear about the drag and drop functionality.

You drag the file from your windows folder onto the left side pane in i2 where your open files are listed.

@David, Settings screenshot attached.

Mike the drag and drop works for me. Hoping for the functionality David described, "but now starts I2 Pro (and opens log file) when I double click a .LD file (with Pro Analysis enabled)."

Attached Files


hmmm, close enough to what I have. You must be using and Engine or Rally workspace since the "select fastest lap..." option is greyed, that is selected in mine and I'm opening circuit data with laps.

I'm willing to try a TeamViewer session with you if you have time, and want someone else to fiddle with it and see if we can figure it out. You can get my email address and phone number from our website, https://veracitydata.com/


Double clicking an LD file opens i2 Pro for me AND loads that log file, and I have both pro and standard installed.

I2Pro must not be open when doing this, otherwise another instance opens and says the workspace is in use, preventing your desired outcome.

I've attached a few screen shots from my i2 Pro settings in case you spot something different from yours that might help. The load previous workspace option seems like something that might impact what you're wanting.

I find leaving i2 pro open and just dragging and dropping each log in to be more efficient, but I hope this helps get things working the way you're hoping for.

[img="blob:https://www.hpacademy.com/c92c6312-40b5-4294-807e-cddb84969414" alt="" alt="" ]

[img="blob:https://www.hpacademy.com/0672e48f-1df9-4544-be77-7dd63d60fd48" alt="" alt="" ]


Due to the way Windows handles file associations the most recently installed i2 variant will be used when opening an LD from the file explorer. Uninstalling the associated version of i2 will not cause the remaining i2 variant to be correctly re-associated but this can be done manually by repair or reinstall.

Performing a repair of i2 Pro in the Control Panel will relink the associations and should resolve the issue you are having. I have just tested this on my PC.

Scott, did you test using an I2 Standard file, but with an I2 Pro computer license allowing I2 Standard files to be opened. That seems to be what is different about Martin's case versus all of use that think it works.

@OMS, I did some poking around before posting this thread and i2 pro does indeed open when I double click and LD file, but the log does not open in i2 pro within the program. It just opens i2 pro at which point I need to open a log once open. Before installing i2 standard, double clicking an .LD file not only opened i2 pro but also opened the log within i2 pro, which saved having to use the navigator (really nice when under time pressure).

Thank you guys again for entertaining my questions, and I'll be in touch David.

David that was the use case I tested. Open file saved on a dash without pro, on my laptop which has the open standard as pro license, and both pro and standard installed.

The device options is irrelevant to how Windows handles the LD file.

The i2 variant that was most recently installed will take precedence when double clicking an LD file in file explorer.

Repairing the installation of i2 Pro should reinstate the associations.

@ Scott the association is correct, the lost functionality is the .LD file opening within i2 pro all with one double click from windows explorer.


Hi Martin,

Are these Pro files that you are trying to open, or Standard?

Hi @BlackRex thanks for looking.

I believe these are standard files based on the attached screenshot.

As a reminder, when I double click the .LD file, i2 pro does open but does not open the log, within the program which it used to do.

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Unless you have the 'Open Standard logfiles in Pro' enable in i2 Pro, thendouble clicking on an i2 Standard logfile will open i2 Pro but not the logfile.

@Black Rex is that a license I need to purchase? Reason I ask is that it worked for about 3 years until installing i2 standard.


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