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Toyota 86 DBW on MoTec m150

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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So this is probs something really simple or something wrong mechanically I feel. Just chasing some feedback on Potentially calabrating the dbw correctly because every time I clean my throttle I get real high idles. (only like 1100 when it should be 950/900ish) enough to make ignition idle control go loopy until the throttle gets a bit of dirt around the outside again. Now its got a supercharger that was put basically on new along with the ecu and the tuner couldnt get the idle down and had idle ignition on 0degs to get it at 900rpm and he thought that was ok. But I have calibrated properly myself while it was clean as well as 2 other tuning shops looking at this aswell so I assume they did too. Every time I leave the throttle dirty after it gets a bit of build up I can achieve a perfect idle where everything works nice. As soon as that throttle is cleaned its too high for a few 1000kms. I feel as its not closing enough to achieve my happy idle until it carbons up a bit so I feel that sort of rules at a vac leak plus ive checked/cleaned/replaced all manifold seals I felt were playing up. The two major calibrations ive looked at are basically the full closed and full open settings or the Q functions. Which I hold closed with my fingers all the way, and open both with fingers and holding the pedal (Same result) its on the defualt settings for most other things as the package is designed for that throttle and everything on the car. I would appreciate any input on this and help with getting this right. The vehicle does have a supercharger on it so it does have extra pully load which still isnt lowering it. :/ THanks in advance.

Provided you've set the open and closed limits correctly (which it sounds like you have), then a possible scenario is that the idle feed forward table is set too high. Have you correctly adjusted the feed forward so that the values are close before relying on closed loop control?

Yeah, I can turn all that off and set the table numbers to 1 and it will change in the feed foward numbers and will show that number applied to the throttle but the opening wont change. During warm up it works perfectly though (Maybe because it needs more air to run perhaps at cold). I can set to any rpm to 900+ but once it is at opperating temp it changes as if it has a vac leak. I can turn the table numbers down but it wont change at the throttle position. Its as if the throttle wont close any further like its on the stops (when its off I can push it back to fully closed though). I might look further into if the opening percentage from cold to hot and see if it changes. I just wanted to see if there was a calibration I overlooked because it shouldnt be that hard. I feel like my car hates me so much.

Have you enabled the both the Coolant Temp and Idle Aim Axis in the "Idle Mas Flow Feed Forward Main" table? In M1 Tune, use Engine Systems->Idle Actuator tab... Tuning that table should allow you to adjust the amount of throttle opening at various Temps and target idle speeds.

From your description of the "throttle not closing anymore", that really sounds like the throttle servo isn't correctly setup. In M1 Tune, Initial Setup 2->Throttle Servo... For example, can you disconnect the motor (perhaps remove pins at the M1 end). And verify the position by moving the throttle by hand. Does it go 0-100%? Make sure the "Throttle Servo Bank 1 Position Default" is correct.

Finally, what is the value of "Throttle Aim State". Is it still Idle with it seems to not move?

Thanks for the reply mate, so I've got my mass flow table set up sort of every 20degs and every 50rpm between 900-1250ish. Just for the sake of it to test my theory I've got the temp tables all matching and the rpm aim tables all increase 2% each incirment to 1250. Where I set the idle one (950rpm at the moment) when when it was cooler last night at my desired speed of 950 and it was happy. So this morning from about 60degs onward till 85ish my idle without a/c was 6% happily. The next set of lights over 85degs. (Celcius) the idle was at 7% instead of 6%. Did not have my computer with me so couldn't try change anything but I'm almost certain it's not a vac leak like I though and something either with the throttle body or calibrations. Just can't seem to find it.

so just letting you guys know, I set the %area of throttle body to %open slightly at more at idle and it bought the rpm straight down. re-calibrated throttle opening/close and Pedal calibrations were not quite on point as i think I had almost 2% pedal when not touching it. set up idle control and everything is beautiful now ready for my big boi injectors. Just wanted to say I learnt it all through this motec course and a bit of digging on the web I managed to fix something 3 other tuners were unable to fix each time costing over $400, and I did it for free. Thanks guys!

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