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Basic settings for welding.

Motorsport TIG Welding Fundamentals

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I am just getting into TIG welding in general and are trying to wrap my head the most arround it all, but there are so much in general.

What I was hoping to get out of this is BASIC settings for different metals to weld.

For my sake the interest would be SS,MS and aluminum just to have a ballpark to start out from when trying them out and experimenting from there.

Been playing with aluminum so far, but want to try a little steel aswell now. I am into car stuff, so in the big picture my welding will be thin plates or pipes together, and thin pipes/plates into thicker flanges etc.

For me, I have picked up these values online and are open to hear alternative settings and to add settings I might not have posted. Using pedal on the machine.

Mild Steel/Stainless Steel:

- #12 cup, about 25cf, or 12-14L

- 12/16" stickout or 19mm

- 40amp pr mm thickness

- Using 1sec preflow and about 1sec per 10amp postflow.


- #5 cup, about 10cfm or 5-7L

- 5/16" stickout or 8mm

- 40amp per mm thickness

- 35% balance

- 120Hz frequenze

- 1sek preflow and 5sek postflow

Thanx in advance and hope for some good inputs.

Regards Frank

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