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Motorsport TIG Welding Fundamentals

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The Filler Rod module is repeated in the Foot Pedal Control module.

Also, the 2T 4T module is repeated in the Welding Masks & Respirators module.

The attachment in the Sharpening Tungsten & Stick out module is also not present, although I am guessing it is the same attachment as that in the Material Specific Welding sections, all of which are working. There are also 2 Fusion Welding modules that form a continuous loop when viewed in autoplay... either that or I have suffered a stroke or something else quite serious... in which case, please send help... also the certification is not operational. Great course content & delivery otherwise.

Hi Callum, sorry for the slow response here. Those incorrect videos have now been fixed up and the certificate is operational. There was indeed a duplicate of the fusion welding module which I've now corrected too. There isn't supposed to be a resource linked to the sharpening tungsten & stick out module, Andre just refers to the attachments in the material specific section as you mentioned.

Really appreciate you taking the time to point out all those errors Callum, enjoy the course. 🙂

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