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Gas lens vs normal cup when first starting

Motorsport TIG Welding Fundamentals

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As the title suggest i am wondering if i would be better off using a regular cup while first starting to learn to tig weld?

Or should i just use a gas lens right off the bat?

I am just curious if there are fundamental skills i would be cheating out of learning fully by using a gas lens, but if not then id imagine it would make sense to get a gas lens to save on argon

Technique doesn't really change when using a gas lens VS not I find. Argon is fairly expensive here in Aus so any gas savings are worthwhile. It's not worth using on aluminium however, due to the oxide that gets blasted back into the cup and the little number 5 cup typically used.

That said its not an immediate requirement to get started and a standard cup will serve you perfectly fine, get practicing on scrap and when you start to come up with little projects and you find you have a need for a bigger selection of cups, it becomes a more worthwhile purchase.

Hi Anders,

thank you for the response and your insight.

i will use the regular cups for now and once I start working on some small projects and I will upgrade to gas cups once I have some more time under my belt.

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