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jaula anti vuelco

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Buen día, me gustaría estar más seguro a grandes velocidades dentro de mi auto y me gustaría saber el tubo de que material puedo usar para fabricar una jaula anti vuelco para mi auto y en donde podría comprar, podrían ayudarme con eso?

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"Good morning, I would like to be safer at high speeds inside my car and I would like to know what tube material I can use to make an anti-roll cage for my car and where I could buy it, could you help me with that?"

What are you using the vehicle for? You should check your motorsport organisation for their recommendations, or a Spanish language one, and you might need to check your traffic laws for it.

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"¿Para qué estás usando el vehículo? Debes consultar con tu organización de deportes de motor para conocer sus recomendaciones*, o con una en español, y es posible que tengas que verificar tus leyes de tránsito para ello."


I'm not really going to belong to any motorsport group. The car will only be used on the street, but I want to be safe and calm in the event of any mishap

Sorry, I wasn't clear.

The motorsport links were because the various motorsport bodies have specifications/instructions for roll cages, and they're in your native language - so that you will have a good idea on what materials would be suitable, the design variations you could use that suit your needs, and the correct way to mount the cage within the vehicle. I have seen "home built" "cages" fail in crashes and the last thing you need is bits of steel tubing and sharp ends sticking out inside the vehicle when your body is inside the vehicle.

You may wish to make your own, and I'd suggest Justin's channel - https://www.youtube.com/@TheFabricatorSeries - as he has some very good videos on cage constuction techniques, or if you're not sure you can check the local car clubs and see who they recommend for having one built... expect it to be expensive, though, as the good ones are labour intensive.

You should also check with your local roads authority (the Government department that handles vehicle registration) and find out the legalities of having a roll cage in a street registered vehicle. A number of places will not allow for a full cage to be used in a road vehicle as they can be more dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle.

This due to the intent of a cage is that the occupants will have their full safety equipment in use (especially helmets) and that they are tightly strapped into the vehicle. The cage replaces the passive and active safety components in the vehicle, such as airbags and pretensioning seat belts, as well as interior panels that provide padding to the occupants and protection from the metallic parts of the chassis.

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