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I have a 2019 ford f250 4x4. 2 piston caliper on the front. Want 4 pistons or greater.

Normally I would find another vehicle, same bolt pattern to bolt the caliper and grab those... I dont see which ones will fit successfully. Any guidance on cross referencing brake calipers.... or maybe someone has already found the solution?

Thank you

First thing I'd suggest is considering why you want the change - what's lacking in the OEM brakes? You may find a simple pad swap and fluid upgrade is sufficient, or you may actually need larger and/or thicker discs as well, for thermal mass and heat rejection.

Not sure about what specific bolt pattern those trucks have, I assume 8 stud, but diameter? - I know Wilwood have some upgrades for trucks and expect other demestic brake specialists can also help.

It may come down to cost, though, as some options may be quite pricey.

What do you hope to gain from adding more pistons? There are some small advantages from smaller pistons but also some trade-offs, in a road car if all other factors are equal I would not expect any noticeable performance improvement from changing the caliper. As Gord says, pad compound and rotor diameter would be far bigger improvements.