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Course certificates?

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I posted about this in the AFR subforum but thought it may be seen here so I'm asking here as well.

Are course certificates still being offered? I ask because I did the AFR course on the new site and there was no option to apply for a certificate yet I did the Wiring course on the old site a couple weeks before and there was so I applied for a certificate (which I haven't received yet).

I too liked how it saved our progress and had the request a certificate option. I hope its just the growing pains of building a new site. It would be a shame to take that aspect away.

Hi theatriks & Michael,

I'm sorry this is totally my fault. I've yet to add the certificates function to the new website. I will do this very shortly.

I've also fallen behind in creating the certificates and getting these out to people. I'll be getting to them very soon. Sorry about the delay.

Hi Ben.

No apology is required I just thought I'd ask incase the idea was dropped.