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I have an inertia motorbike dyno , with a Dyno-46 software programme , and am unable to get that to function properly

does anyone else have this system ? ( its a Malaysian programme from 2006/7 , and appears to have only been around for a short time )

I have 2 pc s one with Windows XP , the other with 8.1 . upgrading to a new software system is a likely scenario, but getting this to work would be good

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hello from memory there was a lot of issues with this software i remember trying to use one years ago

best of luck

thanks for your reply ,

i am looking at these 2 systems

Dtec is an Australian system ,and YourDyno is from the US , any comments or advice would be. appreciated

i have 2 discs fitted to the 200 kg inertia rolller , that i can apply load to ( its crude but effective) and i may be able to incorporate a load sensor system ( making the YourDyno possibly a better choice )

thoughts ,? comments ? , experience s ?