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I've been saving to get a dyno. My shop is only a single bay access and I rent, so an in-ground setup isn't an option for me. I was looking at the main line unit like you show in your courses, but wouldn't be able to access it since the lift would be in the way. A hub Dyno seems to be my best option since I need it to be "portable". I also like that it's safer (or so I'm told) since you don't need to strap the cars down.

It'll be used for tuning customer cars and r&d as well. I was looking at the main line hub dynos, specifically the lower end models since I'll never be doing cars more than 2000hp, but since I live in the states, not sure if there would be better options.

Any recommendations? Budget is $30,000 - $50,000 USD

A hub dyno has significant advantages over a rolling road dyno however you actually do need quite a lot of space to operate one - Often a lot more space than people think. This is due to the width of the hub units themselves as well as the room required to move the hubs into place. When they're not in use then yes, they can be moved out of the way and take up less space.

I can't advise on the price point but would definitely recommend the Mainline pro hub if it fits your budget. They're an exceptional dyno and the customer service is second to none.

I finally updated the software of my Dynapack hubs the other day (I got the setup second hand, so the config and software was....old to say the least) and I can finally say that I'm happy with the interface and controls, previously it felt like I was having to do too many 'hacky' things on my rig due to the low inertia/rotational mass of the engines I was running (very light 13Bs with next to no torque) and even then the hubs would be too aggressive loading and unloading the car. They can be had pretty handily in your price range.