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Hey guys, I got a 32 gtr not too long ago. Its my first one and closest thing I have to compare it to us a R33 GTS-T

It had a blown turbo when I got it so I replaced both turbos with another pair of second hand stock turbos... Car ran sweet but i was very underwhelmed by the response/lag... It was missing the factory boost control solenoid and just running off spring pressure and made about 7-8psi which is expected but it didn't make full boost until over 3500rpm.... Which considering my R33 gets on full boost around 2k It seemed odd. I thought maybe without a boost controller the wastage's were opening prematurely. Fitted a electric boost controller today and playing around with the settings I still could not get it to come on any earlier...

SO basically just asking if they should be boosting earlier and if so ill start investigating further... It did end up making 295rwhp on 13psi tho so I was quite impressed, compared to my 33 which makes about 260-270 on 14psi.

What you're seeing is pretty typical of an R32 GTR - They aren't the most responsive engine in the world. On my old Dynapack dyno you could see around 280 kW atw on stock turbos and stock injectors. You need to keep the boost below about 15 psi as the ceramic turbine wheels have a tendency to part company above that. If you're on the stock fuel system then this will realistically be your limit anyway.