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Haltech buys Adaptronic??

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Saw this floating around.

Pretty interesting news :)

call me crazy but i really hope this leads to Haltech having programmable can bus but i think I'm being a little wishful.

Andy is a top bloke (adaptronic) so hopefully he stays on and can do more videos and development as i find his youtube stuff very honest and detailed.

If I had to bet, Adaptronic will be writing software and using common hardware with Haltech in the medium term future. They have to be have a multi year business plan that makes sense.

It's really the software controls (the maps and tables in the ECU) that are what differentiate the ECUs from each other today. They all offer X number of outputs and flight data recorders and CAN buses etc etc. If Haltech and Adaptronic want to get into for example driving multi event direct injection and electric wastegates, two common technologies today, they need to share hardware costs and focus on good controls.