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MAXXECU, Feedback, comments needed about them

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Ok so i install a MaxxECU street in my Honda D15 vtec, this car has no mods, so it would be the best test bed for me. I spend most of my days in Hondata and Haltech and the Mtune software is very different and does take some getting used to, but it is not hard, it will all fall in place as you use it.

Today is day 4, and I am at the point where i "trust" the ECU, meaning I can drive the car and not feel like I have to have the laptop with me in the event that something happens.

For now, it is not about power but learning the software and hardware. Tuning was super easy. The datalogger was very easy to use, by the end of day 2 the ecu was just doing 2% corrections for the most. I have been having a small cold startup issue, I wanted to do lambda corrections for engine warmup, but their setup just has fuel corrections so i sent an email to Natanael and he reminded that all table now have 4D tables so I could build any solution i want and now the car starts super easy.


Any updates on this? anyone new running it?