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"Virtual Dyno" - estimate your power from analyzing datalogs

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Hey people,

Just thought I'd share this, it's one of those programs where you really need to work to control ever single variable possible to get good results.

I have had reasonable results from using this on a dragstrip, starting with foot to the floor in 3rd at the same point on the track for repeatability.

It's probably not accurate enough to fine tune to the last little degree, but it certainly helps you find the ignition timing "plateau" near MBT if no dyno is available.

I'm using a Link G4+, you can export a snippet of your log file that's at WOT as a .CSV format which you can import into the program.

Obviously it's a "rubbish in rubbish out" system so make sure you're keeping all variables consistent like fuel level, tyre pressure, no passengers, head winds, etc. And also have your tyre sizes, gear ratios etc all set correctly in the program.

Even if not used as a tuning tool. It's still interesting to see an approximation of the shape of your powerband.

I've been using Virtual Dyno for a few years. Being able to draw up a plot of every logged parameter helps show where you need to make adjustments. Its cool and as accurate as a dyno.

i tried it and it seems good for analyze the data log but i couldn't get an accurate result of the dyno.

i guess coz i need to get the accurate of tyre pressure and frontal area and the accurate weight of the car after reducing a lot of parts.

but i saw lot of ppl recommended it. especially Evo owners

I just saw this online. I just bought a really old friction type chassis dyno that I might not be able to get to read out power figures anymore. If I can't, I figure I may able to still use the roller dyno to power run 4th gear on it while logging the data with HP tuners and load it into virtual dyno. I wonder how accurate it will be if I change the ignition timing a few degrees though. Any thoughts?

I don't understand how a dyno can't read power unless it's a broken/useless dyno. If it can measure torque and rpm, it can calculate power. If it can measure power it can back calculate torque (inertia type dyno). Why would you buy a broken dyno? Why not fix it or not buy it at all?

I need some help with virtual dyno. How do i get it to work with haltech elite ?


you only need to upload ur log into Virtual dyno software. and change the setup of the software which suit ur car ( like gear ratio & tire size , etc )

if you search around google you will find more info about how to use it.

Does anybody know how to edit Fueltech logs to fit to the virtual dyno? Just curious...

I gave it a try but there were a lot of errors and it didnt worked.