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What ecu should I look at buying

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Hi guys I have a nissan pintra that has a ca20e engine in it .I will be racing speedway in a 4cylinder class you can modify engine as much as you like an run menthol if you wish .I question is looking to buy an after market ecu to do the job but not sure what to buy. Thanks in advance.

I'm guessing you don't need anything fancy in terms of traction control or boost or anything like that?

It needs to stay naturally aspirated?

Are you going to run an aftermarket cam, pistons, any head work, different intake manifold and throttle body?

There is probably a cheap option from link, adaptronic, haltech and motec, even microtech as well as all the international suppliers. Think about support and supply availability and the very basics of triggering compatibility with your motor and desired injectors.

Basics would be fuel compatible injectors (possibly with aftermarket rail/regulator) to fit on your existing manifold of large enough flow to run methanol, so the only catch if looking at cheap 4 channel ecus would probably be high impedance injectors or ecu with peak/hold drivers to run cheap older design low impedance injectors.

All out build would probably be individual throttle bodies and staged injection with large secondaries over the trumpets to get very best charge density.

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