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Whipple SC high boost issue

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guys i have a car on the dyno that i am facing a problem with, car has an ls3 engine strockered running 6.8L with a 4.0L whipple supercharger. The issue i am facing is whenever i hit the throttle fully open car builds up to 400kpa boost instantly which causes the engine to misfire. I tried changing the pully and the belt but nothing changed. The pully i fixed should give us 200kpa boost. Engine is running on m800 ecu.

What could be the cause?

It would be very difficult/unlikely to achieve 400 kPa instantly from a supercharged LSA engine even with a crazy drive ratio for the SC. Right now I'd be suspicious of the MAP sensor or MAP sensor calibration. What sort of MAP values are you seeing at idle? Can you run without the SC belt and confirm you're seeing realistic MAP values?

Issue is fixed andre, map sensor was damaged, i replaced it and everything is running perfectly now