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a friend of mine is upgrading his injector to 70% oversize and i wanted to know do i just divide the whole table by 70% and change the injector coding in the ecu, as a start and 0 the timing tables including pilot injection? or can i use the stock timing table , and how does injector size effect fuel pressure?


What car/engine? What injectors? You can sometimed get the data you need from the injector manufacturer.

Fuel pressure should be targetted and controlled independently.

its toyota land cruiser 200series,

the injector is resized oem injector, we asked for the data but we didnt get any thing yet

I would start with the Factory timing and fuel pressure tables. You'll probably end up with more timing and fuel pressure on the low end to counteract the laziness of the larger injector. Starting from zero on the timing tables will make your job harder than it needs to be.

Do not change the entire pulse-width map just yet. Usually larger injectors only deliver their advertised outputs at medium-high load. Idle and light cruise output may be surprising close to stock. A data sheet is the only way to know for sure (or back into it with a wideband O2).


i kept injector data stock, and timing, i just raised rail pressure based on egt, car runs and drive great relatively, the only issue is smoke when cruising or boost is lower than 16psi even when afr is leaner than 30 to 1 , not sure if i should remove some pilot injection or adjust timing/rail pressure.

the spool is really slow it hit full boost at 3200rpm instead of 2400rpm as stock, it has 2.75'' downpipe and 4'' muffler back maybe its too big?