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Hp tuners targeting/locating Maps touched

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hi eveyone quick question....in HP tuners when editing/ changing values on a map table is there a way to find out witch other map tables are linked to that map ? Usual 1 map is linked to another map table and editing one will effect another map table ? Is there anyway to find this out? ..... HP tuners have maps that don't explain witch map there alterting?

Bummp....so the reason i ask is my ford ranger on HP tuners has over 20 Fuel table maps....i want to know if i change 5 fuel tables will it change others ? or there all separate tables ? and are all completely different fuel tables ? if so that's scary....so many fuel tables with a brief small HP tuners description

Perhaps it would be easier if you post your HPTuners file here and we can offer platform-specific advice.