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Pilot injection

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hi, I don’t understend when ecu inject pilot injection. I can’t find SOI for pilot injection only I found is injected fuel quantity for pilot injections.

What ecu, and what software are you using to tune?

Bmw dde7 EDC17cp02. I using winols, but my question is or those tables should be or no?

Sorry I'm not understanding the question. Are you asking if those tables should be available for you to make changes to? That depends on who defined the maps for you.

If you get the right damos/map packs, they will often show those maps for you.

Yes my question is or those tables should be available. But in other forum I found thath is in EDC17 ECU pilot injection folow main injection. I try to figure out is it true when I have time.

There will be some maps in there for pilot SOI, however it may not be defined in winols.

I'm not familiar with BMW specifically, so I don't know if those maps show actual timing or if it is expressed as advance from main injection.

If you have access to a good scan tool or logging software that lets you monitor pilot injection, just try advancing main injection and see if pilot follows.

Thanks Ben. I try this next week.