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Im going to mainly be working on the 6.7l cummins diesels, that being said, is there any timing table calculators out there that you guys would recommend? even if if has to be pruchased.

And i also keep seeing the negative(retard timing values in the stock maps being showed and i cant stop to wonder, are those negative numbers for a cruise condition when EGR operation is hapening?

The timing calculator in EFILive is free and works pretty slick on the Cummins. Check that out.

Negative timing at low piston speeds may be to reduce NOx emissions as well as lower engine noise. Its surprising sometimes how little timing is needed to make power at low RPM.


Thank you much Nick for the reply! Do you know of any very specific to cummins training/course that i can take?

We're talking about doing a cummins worked example early this year, otherwise I do not know of any training course available.

A Cummins specific course would be great!

X2 on the Cummins course, you did a great job and had a lot of nice tips and tricks in the dmax example