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2JZ - Girdle for main cap support (1000 hp build)

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Hi there,

Where I live, I dont have access to a good machine shop who I am confident of being able to do an accurate job on line boring for the billet main caps. Hence, my preference is to go with the stock main caps and add a girdle. Is the girdle something you recommend?

adding any strength to the main caps is an advantage if machining is not available but of coarse it would pay to torque and check all clearances

Regarding the machining, I would suggest checking for car clubs in your area, even a good chance of a race team or two, and if you find them ask where they get their work done. They may have a local machist that is competent, have their own, or be prepared so ship your block for work with their next shipment, for a fee. What area do you live in, might be able to find one for you?

You may even decide a couple of road trips are in order, when the virus thing dies down and that may be a while over there, to drop it off and pick it up in person.