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3sfe beams engine piston/bore clearance

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I am running standard size JE pistons and currently goin to run .0045" P/B clearance. My tuner said this is np as we will generally jus ensure propee warm up before running the car. Ive seen it done before jusy wanted a second opinion from you guys as to what clearances you generally run on forge builds. If there is a thread on this matter can u post the link here

Going to depend on what the piston manufacturer specifies for your pistons - different designs and materials can have quite different clearances.

The other questions are what fuel are you going to use, and are you going to use any sort of 'power adder' like forced induction or nitrous'?

As a general rule, the less clearance you can SAFELY use the better the engine will perform.

The tuner said .0045 shud be safe. I was tryna keep it .004 but i did make a slight miscaculation.