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Aluminium rod install

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Ive been reading up on aluminium rods and hoping to soon indulge in assembling a motor with one. Looking at the MGP rod based on the reviews and seeing their tech behind it. I believe the rod comes with a bearing on it? Or do you have to purchase it separate? What do i need to look out for to install in a 4g63?

Unless you feel you have a specific need for it - they can be beneficial for some "bleeding edge" engines - you will almost always be better off with steel rods from a reputable manufacturer.

They do not usually come with bearings/shells, but as the shells would normally be drilled and pinned to prevent spinning - it's the bearing crush that normally does that, and the aluminium can 'grow'with heat to the point wher the clamping is insufficient - the supplier may offer that as part of the service, either free or as part of a package.

Main things are the usual, with often more deck and V2P clearances to allow for the growth and stretch of the rod at high rpm. You may also need to check block clearance for the rods, as they're a lot bulkier/thicker than steel rods.

Some of the Mitsi' gurus should be able to better advise.

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