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I have a 2-cylinder Ducati motor and balancing the rods and pistons. The pistons are exactly the same however the rods are 2.9grams different. Before I go ahead and remove the weight from the heavier one there is not other reason for this as it seems like a large amount to be off, is this normal?

Just trying to check that there would not be another reason for this difference like done when balancing the crankshaft however in that case the difference should be in the counterweights on the crankshaft as not any reason to have this difference in the rod weights, please confirm?

It may just be that Ducati have a bigger factory tolerance for the 'rod balance than others - it may be easier to balance out in the 90 degree configuration, or be that the imbalance wouldn't be noticeable because of the irregular firing and crank loadings, anyway?

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