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When setting bearings on con rods, if i ran the (red bearing) thinnest Honda bearing and clearance is at 0.0017" and wanted to set rod bearings at 0.0023". Would i have any issues with honing cond rod big end a couple tenths?

What's the max i can take off before having bearing crush becomes an issues?

Cranke Rod Journal = 1.8898"

Street car/Nitrous = 300whp

Hello chow

a couple of tenths is not an issue on a new rod I would not be so quick to think that if it was a used rod

Regards Ross

Not sure if you realise this is one of multiple posts on the same subject, Ross.

I had advised against this option because that is a loss of ~2 thou total crush, and if it's already close to the upper limit, it's quick ride to a spun bearing.

What I had suggested was either purchasing an oversized bearing set (+ 0.001 on nominal, preferably 1 rod set), if available, or having the journal polished which is a much simpler, and cheaper option.