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Constant caching on videos!

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Probably the wrong place to post this?

This is my first post as I have only recently joined HP Academy. I have a 50 Mbps internet connection running at 47.7 Mbps with a 7ms ping and get regular problems trying to watch the videos.

Currently I'm attempting to watch Step 7: Short Block Assembly and at 2:50 into the video it stops and waits to cache the next part which never comes.

I have had this with other videos and its happening way too often as it destroys the flow of leaning and understanding from the video.

Whats the problem?

What can be done to fix this issue?

Thanks for any info/help on this issue!

It seems the video stops at certain points and wont continue. I found by by jumping over, (forwarding on the time line) the stall point of the video by 10 seconds or so it would resume.

It seems to be a work around for the video caching, (stall problem) for this particular video. Anyone know whats causing the videos to stop and then not restart without jumping the stall point?

Is it just the HPA videos, or are other YT ones playing up as well - I have noticed this on occasion, too, on other poster's videos? Is it constant or does it vary with the time of day - with various shutdowns, etc, there is a lot more demand for streaming services and in some areas the Aussie backbone just isn't up to the job.

The problem with Speedtest, and other test sites, is they generally just test to the ISP by default, and there can be major issues elsewhere. I do game with a lot of Aussie guys, and the quality of their connections is VERY variable, depending on where they are - try doing some tests to other locations around Aussie and NZ, particularly the South Island.