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Cylinder Hone

Practical Engine Building

Relevant Module: Worked Examples > Mitsubishi 4G63 > Step 4: Block Preparation

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Hallo, just have a question, bought a hone three leg stone tool for drill, for hone a cylinders, just wona knew a right manual how to use it ? And do you recommended to use it ?

For how long time should i hone each cylinder ?

Should i use a engine oil or some kind of special lubricants or maybe WD40 ?

Just need more complete information and instruction how to use it in the right way

Thank you

I would not recommend using it at all (especially on 4 cycle engine) as it's not going to achive the goal of getting proper hone applied. There are so many things that might go wrong with that device... Just to name a few of them:

1) The stones are ok only for very narrow distance within only 4 mm range. For example of you hone 56 mm bore the stones will get certain pattern which is not ok for 61 mm bore and larger...

2) you cannot properly controll the pressure appled to the cylinder walls. The accuracy is always approximately whilst you need exact depth of hone to be achieved which is a gamble with unknown pressure which can easily result in excessive oil consumption.

3) you need very accurate bore job to be done if you want to use three legs thing and yet it's still very easy to screw the final bore uneven.

I can go on and on...

The bottom line is that the thing can be used for 2 cycle engines where oil consumption is not that critical... I personally would not use it if it was my own engine or the goal was to get it right.

Is this for an engine and, if so, what?

As Shota said, it's a BAD idea, and for many more reasons than he mentioned. If you can, take it back and have the bores de-glazed and de-ridged by a competent machine shop - I assume it's for a re-ring?

If you're just looking for a quick and nasty job, like an old lawnmower, perhaps, or when it's cleaning up a hydraulic bore with a flexible "O" ring - maybe, but for a vehicle it's just not up to the job - I'd even take a "dingle-berry" hone over it.

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