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EJ25 rod and main oil clearance

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good day .. wanted a little insight on rod and main oil clearance on a forged ej25

I will be running an HX35 turbo with all the supporting parts.. i am aiming for about 400WHP

currently, I am aiming for the main oil clearance of 0.0015" and a rod oil clearance of 0.002"

does this seem reasonable or should I tighten the clearances ..

thank you for the help


These clearances are pretty well in line with where I would set them for your application. If anything your mains are possibly a touch looser than they need to be but not to the point that I'd make an adjustment.

thank you for the quick reply andre..

when you say a touch looser.. what would be your recommended main oil clearance and rod clearance

i do need to mention that this a daily driver and weekend track car for time attack/ Gymkhana circuits ..