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After the engine block is received at the machinist. I believe an email is sent out stating what needs to be done with the specifications. Does anyone have a rough template of what they are emailing to the machinist?

You might want to include something like this:

Check crankshaft for size/straightness

Polish crankshaft journals

Balance crankshaft, pulley and flywheel/flex plate

Balance pistons and conrods

Clean block and crack test where applicable

Bore and hone block to achieve specified piston to wall clearance

Deck block

Check bearing clearances and adjust if required. List your preferred clearance here

Strip, clean and inspect head(s)

Replace guides and cut valve seats if required

Deck head surface

Of course the above is just some typical steps. You may need to get more involved if you're dealing with an engine that has been previously damaged or you're attempting to do something very specific with.