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Freeze Plug Sealant

Practical Engine Building

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Probably over thinking it but what do people use to seal freeze plugs (or welch Plug if you prefer)?

i am looking at loctite 510 as its rated to 200'c, has excellent glycol/water Resistance. it sets rigid.

That should work fine, doing some on-line checking of what people use has quite a variety of sealants and several who use none. I expect if you got 20 replies to this, you could get 20 different products used.

As a 'prentice, many years ago, we mixed up some gunk (can't recall the name, but it was a mix of a yellow powder and glycerine) for this.

Personally, now I use shellac with, where possible, brass plugs or brass plated steel if those weren't available.

Thanks Gord

it seems its a very opinion based topic, i will try shellac with stainless plugs. hopefully that will keep corrosion at bay.

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