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Head gasket options 4g63

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Been doing some reading and video watching about different sealing options ^900hp, 40psi^. Firstly the hks mls with stainless steel oring to block was my first viable option, then i came across the sce vulcan cut gasket with the stainless steel ring, lastly i saw the nitto gasket which in its description took a dump on the sce type gaskets. Wanted to know if anyone here has real time experiemce with the latter 2 options.



If you're open to previously proven options I would search this forum. There have been a few discussions on head gasket suggestions for 4g63 at 1000 HP where Andre and others have chimed in.

Yeh i have seen them but i jusy wanted to get some feedback frm both these options as it will allow me to scale my selections based in customer budget

Great, I just wanted to make sure you had all the prior info.

If you contact Real St., they may be able to reference some of their customers using the item you're considering.

Otherwise hopefully someone here has used these items and will be able to offer the info you're looking for!

I haven't personally used either the Nitto or Vulcan gaskets. We're using an Athena cut ring style gasket on our EVO 9 engine that's built for 800 hp (https://www.athena.eu/en-us/cut-ring-racing-head-gasket-thickness-1-20-mm-93-5-mm-P8389.htm). These have been used in 1000 + hp applications with good results. Most of the people aiming for 1000+ hp tend to run a copper gasket with an aluminium-bronze sealing ring. This would not be my pick however for a street car as the copper doesn't do a great job of sealing oil and water, even with a sealant applied, and can leak over time.

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