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L19 Rod Bolts worth the hassle?

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Hi Guys

Im currently building a big HP Barra engine here in NZ, Engine will have all the fruit billet crank etc, I've been looking into upgrading the rod bolts as i want to rev the engine a little more than factory (8000rpm) The rods i have included 7/16 ARP2000 Bolts and the only upgrade available for the Spool Import rods is the L19 Bolt. But i have read multiple articles that the bolts are not worth the hassle due to there hydrogen embitterment and stress corrosion? Ideally i would like to use CA625 Bolts, but these are not an option for spool rods, I have noted that some competitors offer a 7/16 CA625 I wonder if these would work with my rods..

Given your application I'd be inclined to suggest an upgraded bolt would be worthwhile. L19 does suffer from hydrogen embrittlement however this really isn't an issue provided you understand the implications and handle them correctly. For example you don't want to touch an L19 bolt with your bare hands and will need to use gloves. It's also a good idea to make sure that the bolt is well oiled to prevent corrosion but of course once the engine has been run for the first time this is not a problem. I've used L19 bolts and studs with no issues in the past.